Finding the right condom to fit you should be easy, and in some ways condom manufacturers have tried to solve this problem with a one-size-fits-all approach. However, generic fittings really don't do enough to take into account the many different penis sizes and shapes that are out there.

When it comes to purchasing condoms, most guys go for a brand they recognise and just assume that it will fit correctly. For those consistently experiencing problems with ill-fitting contraception, this could not only be leading to a less pleasurable experience for both partners, but also unsafe sex. So if your condoms are too long, short, tight or loose, SHD will guide you towards finding that tailored fit.

How should a condom fit? 

If they're too tight you'll experience a loss of sensation, if they're too loose they'll either move around too much or fall off completely. A perfect fitting condom covers the entire erect penis with a 'snug' fit. There should be no excess material around the shaft, looseness at the head or bunching around the base. If you're struggling with one-size-fits-all condoms, getting the right fit for you can make a huge difference to your overall sexual experience...So how do I find the right condom for me?

My condom is too loose

Many guys won't admit it - even to themselves - that those standard off-the-shelf condoms are too loose. If you're looking to improve your sex life, don't hesitate, go for a slimmer fit. We recommend the Mates Conform Condoms that have a narrower width than ordinary condoms, enhancing the pleasure and solving all of your oversizing issues. Alternatively the Pasante Trim Condoms are not only snugger but a more versatile choice as they can be used for penetrative, oral and anal sex.


My condom is too tight

You may think that a tighter fitting condom would increase sexual sensation but it in fact results in the opposite effect. If your generic condoms have always been a little too tight or even uncomfortable, then take a look at SHDs 'King Size' options. Pasante King Size or Mates King Size are longer and wider, offering increased comfort with a relaxed fit. If the king sized still don't cut it you can purchase our Pasante Super King Size Condoms that will prevent against splitting risks that would otherwise occur.


What About Condom Thickness?

If size isn't your issue you should definitely consider trying out a thinner choice of condom. One-size-fits-all options tend not to be tailored with varying thicknesses but condoms such as the Mates Ultra Thin Condoms have an authentic skin-on-skin feel with the full protection of thicker condoms. SHD also supply a number of super thin condom combos for you to try, simply click here.

Whatever condoms you choose to buy, remember, the best way to find your perfectly fitted design is to sample as many different varieties and types as possible - this way, you and your partner will both experience a happier sex life together.

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Post By Ed Mason