Guarding Against Sharps: Essential Needle Safety Measures For Healthcare Professionals

Monday, 19th of February 2024

Needles are indispensable tools in the medical field, facilitating procedures from vaccinations to blood withdrawals. However, along with their utility comes the risk of sharps injuries, which can lead to serious health consequences for both healthcare professionals

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How To Choose The Best Needle & Syringe For Injection Use

Monday, 15th of January 2024

We all know how important medication can be when we fall unwell and have been designed to help us feel better and recover quicker. Some chronic conditions such as diabetes however, may require medication to be administered by injection on a regular basis which

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The Anatomic Construction Of Hypodermic Needles & Syringes

Monday, 11th of December 2023

If you’ve ever had a blood test or an injection of some kind, it’s likely that you’ve come into contact with a hypodermic needle.  Most medical professionals use this type of needle for a wide range of uses including to take blood samples, administer

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The Ultimate Guide To Using Coloured Disposable Gloves

Wednesday, 8th of November 2023

Disposable gloves have been around for a very long time, but the options used to be limited to just one or two colours.  Latex gloves were usually white and nitrile gloves were blue.  Today, the options for disposable gloves are vast, with a great

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How To Stay Healthy This Autumn & Halloween Season

Friday, 20th of October 2023

Autumn has arrived, the weather is cooler and the days are getting shorter but you don’t need to hide away and hibernate.  Autumn can offer the perfect opportunity to look after yourself so that you can prioritise self care as the busier months and

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