Oral sex can be an enjoyable activity for both partners, whilst it's not terribly unsafe compared to other sexual endeavours, there are certain risk factors and areas that should be considered to maximise the experience for the both of you. Despite being 2017, there is still somewhat of a stigma surrounding condoms in the fact that a) wearing a condom will lower the pleasure and sensation for both partners and b) they're uncomfortable, both of these myths couldn't be further from the truth! There is such an extensive range of condoms these days that cater to these issues, thinner condoms were introduced for that heightened skin on skin like feeling, whilst king size condoms were created for those who found regular condoms too restrictive. As always, condoms are there to protect you against any unwanted sexually transmitted diseases. Whilst condoms should be worn for oral sex, a lot of people are put off by the unpleasant latex taste and the feel of it in their mouth. The good news is with the extensive range of flavoured condoms on the market these days this 'worry' is a thing of the past, and it means you can partake in oral sex whilst it doesn't have to feel like a life sentence.

Flavoured Condoms

Flavoured condoms are the gateway to new experiences, that not only taste like the real deal, but you can wave goodbye to that nasty latex taste for good! Here are some of our top flavoured condom choices that will take oral sex to the next level.

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Flavoured Condom Mix - Durex, Mates, Pasante & EXS

Tantalise your tastebuds with this fantastic flavoured condom mix which includes all your favourite condom brands. They feature a wide range of popular flavours including strawberry, chocolate, vanilla, banana, mint, orange, cola, bubblegum, ice cream and tropical. Mix and match for plenty of fun in the bedroom!

EXS Mixed Flavours Condoms

All your Birthday's will come at once with this little bundle of flavours from EXS. Ranging from Fizzy Cola (amazing!) to strawberry sundae, oral sex will never be the same again. They provide an intensified experience for both partners with superior protection when you need it most.

EXS Bubblegum Flavour Condoms

EXS condoms are renown for being one of the most strongly flavoured condoms in the world, and this bubblegum flavour really does taste like the real thing, with no lingering latex smell or taste like you can get with regular condoms.

Pasante Fizzy Cola Flavoured Condoms

If you can't get enough of the fizzy cola flavour, benefit from our bulk quantities so you can enjoy more for longer. Their unique and likeable taste makes them a must have condom underneath the sheets!

Mates Flavoured Condoms

One of the other additions to our range of flavoured condoms is Mates flavoured condoms, with an easy on shape, the condoms come in a strawberry, banana, mint and vanilla flavour. They'll also offer added comfort during intercourse and maximum protection.

Oral sex can be made as enjoyable and safe as you want with the right products, and these popular and unique flavoured condoms are sure to help you take that further step to sexual success this year! Take a look at our full range of condoms for plenty more sexspiration! Don't forget you can keep up to date with all of our medical supplies on our social media pages: Facebook, Twitter and Google+.

Post By Nicole Sage