Essential Sexual Health Tips To Stay Healthy This Summer

Monday, 9th of August 2021

As we prepare ourselves for a summer of freedom we know that many people will be looking to become more sexually active but are you ready for sex that is safe and healthy?  This summer is predicted to be the raunchiest one ever but does that mean it will

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Everything You Need To Know About Safely Disposing Of Sharps

Thursday, 4th of February 2021

If you are running a business, the waste management side of things can be a little daunting at times.  There are often many rules and regulations to abide by when it comes to waste disposal and businesses who use sharp instruments are probably aware of sharps

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Fantastic Supplements and Wellness Tips For Autumn And Winter

Friday, 20th of November 2020

Summer is over and Autumn is definitely in full swing.  The changing weather and limited daylight hours can take its toll on our bodies and it’s important to stay healthy and well, more so than ever.  Maintaining physical and mental wellbeing is crucial

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How To Dispose Of A Condom The Right Way

Tuesday, 27th of November 2018

There are few things as unpleasant, embarrassing and unsightly as a used condom. What's worse is when they're left in parks, pavements and other public places for pets and even children to investigate...

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5 Common Condom Problems To Avoid

Tuesday, 7th of August 2018

Condoms can be a little inelegant at the best times, at worst they can be the source of a few awkward moments in the bedroom...

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