Other than serving their primary function of protecting against pregnancies and STIs, condoms can also be used in a series of other creative and surprising ways. If you don't believe us, SHD have put together a list of the most useful, practical and slightly more peculiar ways to use your trusty rubber contraceptives.

Make An Ice pack 

If you lead an active lifestyle you will be all too familiar with the aches and pains that come along with engaging in your favourite sport. So amidst the sprains, stiffness and delayed onset muscle soreness, what do you do when you realise you don't have an ice pack? Fill up a quarter of the condom with rubbing alcohol and the other three quarters with water, tie a knot and leave it in the fridge...You'll find that the alcohol has kept the condom flexible so you can comfortably place it anywhere on your body and get some much needed pain relief in no time.

Make A Waterproof Wound Dressing

We've all been there, you've put on a brand new plaster and then a short amount of time later, you're ready to get in the shower. You can either stick out your injured extremity so the plaster stays dry or you can try using a non-lubricated condom to protect it. Simply cut a few inches off from the end of the condom teat and roll the condom up your arm and your dressing will remain clean and dry without having to use multiple plasters throughout the day.

Create A Fishing Float

Looking to increase your chances of a great catch? Fishing floats are a great buoyancy aid when you find yourself fishing in harder to reach places but don't want to get into deep water. If you're suddenly without a float, make sure you have a condom to hand that you can quickly inflate and then tie a fishing line and baited hoot to the knot.

Waterproof Your Phone 

Whether you're camping, into extreme sports or looking to record film and audio underwater, condoms are great for protecting your phone from moisture prone conditions. Due to the condom's thin and durable construction, they provide a great waterproof barrier for your valuable electronics. Simply tie a tight knot in a non-lubricated condom and you'll still be able to use the touch screen functionality on your phone whether you're in heavy rain or even underwater.

Easing post-birth pain

Childbirth is a painful experience and the subsequent bruising and discomfort felt shortly after delivering a baby is something that can slow any new mum down. This is when new dad, Martin Wanless, wrote an article on DAD(Direct Advice for Dads) explaining how he began filling condoms with water, freezing them, and giving them to his wife to ease the swelling. He suggested getting half a dozen condoms at the ready in your freezer and taking one out when the pain gets to much. Simply wrap the frozen condom in a soft cotton cloth or t-shirt and place it on the areas that are most tender, for some quick and effective relief.

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Post By Ed Mason