Although it's generally assumed that everyone knows the purpose of sexual lubricant, it's a common misconception to assume that the main users are couples who are more advanced in age. In fact, men and women of all ages can experience a whole range of benefits - from enhancing pleasure, intensifying foreplay - making your sexual experience more enjoyable. SHD Medical have put together a list of the top 10 most exciting and surprising reasons to start experimenting with lube today!

#1. It's easier to orgasm: Applying lube makes both men and women feel more aroused, making sex easier, increasing stimulation and creating a more intense and intimate experience.

#2. Lubrication puts an end to sexual discomfort: If you or your partner is finding sex painful for whatever reason, applying lube before intercourse will reduce this risk and help to maintain a smooth and controlled rhythm during sex.

#3. Reduces the risk of condom breakage: If you're using protection, you're actually going to make your condoms even safer by using lube - they reduced friction creates more of a smooth and controlled motion that will prevent any worrying breakages whether you're with a long term partner or with someone new.

#4. It makes sex naughtier: Using lube during foreplay, with sex toys, as well as flavoured lubes during oral sex can be a complete game-changer when it comes to introducing some excitement into the bedroom.

#5. Prolong the pleasure: Some lubricants can delay climax with a desensitising agent, making it easy to control your orgasm until your partner is ready. Lubricant also helps to keep everything moistened for far longer, meaning that you can make the fun last all through the night.

#6. A necessity for anal sex: Lubricant is an absolute must for hassle-free anal sex and will make it infinitely more enjoyable and satisfying for everyone involved.

#7. Helps to combat vaginal dryness: Whether medical, menopausal or for any other natural reasons, sexual lubricant is the answer to pretty much all of your problems - making sex as enjoyable as it was intended to be without any of the embarrassment.

#8. It helps if his penis is big! If you're constantly having to tell them to stop or go slower, lube can diminish a lot of the problems associated with the rougher aspects of sex with a well endowed partner.

#9. With a condom: It's common practice to use lube on the outside of a condom, but did you know you can also use it on the inside too? A dab of lube next to the skin will make wearing a condom more of a stimulating experience, giving you all the benefits that your partner loves as well.

#10. Without a condom: You can use lubricant with a condom and also without - for all the skin-on-skin sensations, but with the irresistible silky smoothness of your favourite lubricant.

Post By Ed Mason