A nutritious and balanced diet is essential for physical and emotional well being so it seems fairly obvious that what we eat can play a role in boosting your sex life and a healthy sex drive.

A nutritious diet can help in several ways including boosting libido, improving blood flow and heart health and increasing stamina. Avoiding foods with a high sugar content and saturated fats and sticking to vegetables and lean proteins can help to prevent disorders such as metabolic syndrome and hormone deficiencies which can impact on libido. These 5 foods may help to increase your libido and improve your general health too.

1 - Oysters

Everyone has heard of the aphrodisiac properties of oysters, but you may not know why they are said to enhance your sex life. Oysters are typically high in zinc which is an essential compound needed by our bodies. It helps to increase blood flow which could be a good thing if sex is on the agenda. Studies show that a deficiency in zinc can lead to lower testosterone levels and impact male fertility. Oysters contain a very high level of zinc, one serving provides 673% of your daily value which is more than any other food source. Not a fan of oysters, you could try crab or lobster or non sea-food alternatives could include beef, pork, baked beans, seeds and cereals.

2 - Apples

Apples are rich in an antioxidant compound called quercetin, a type of flavonoid that can offer several health benefits including increasing circulation, treating erectile dysfunction and easing symptoms of prostatitis. High doses of quercetin can lower blood pressure. High blood pressure can damage blood vessels and reduce blood flow leading to ED in males. For women, high blood pressure can lower libido and reduce interest in sex especially if it causes fatigue. Low blood flow can affect how the body responds to sexual activity. Flavonoids are important to your diet, sex life and overall health and can be found not just in apples but strawberries, blueberries, black grapes, cherries and more.

3 - Nuts & Seeds

Nuts and seeds provide a really healthy snack and they are packed full of compounds such as zinc, L-arginine and omega-3s which all contribute to increased blood flow and in turn an increased sexual function. Some of the best choices include walnuts, pumpkin seeds, sunflower seeds, pecans, hazelnuts and peanuts.

4 - High Protein Meats

Meats high in protein and amino acids could help to improve your sex life. Beef, chicken and pork all contain compounds such as carnitine, l-arginine and zinc that help to improve blood flow. Blood flow is vital to the sexual response across all genders but it’s worth noting that too much red meat could be bad for your heart. Eating animal based proteins in moderation can help to keep everything going as you would like in the bedroom but if you are looking for a vegetarian alternative then whole grains and dairy products will help to supply you with a good source of protein and zinc.

5 - Red Wine

Similar to apples, red wine contains blood flow boosting querceti. It’s said that a regular, moderate intake of red wine has been linked to a higher libido, lubrication and greater sexual function in women. Researchers also suggest that drinking more than two glasses of red wine a day or indulging in other alcoholic beverages could lead to the opposite effect and hinder sexual dysfunction.

Whilst diet alone may not be enough to improve your sex life, certain foods can help with blood flow and hormone levels, so we hope this blog has provided a little food for thought. It’s important to practise safe sex, take a look at our full range of sexual health products and condoms here.


Post By Kelly