Burns occur very commonly at home and in the workplace but they can vary considerably in severity. You’ll need to understand the different types of burns in order to be able to treat them effectively.

Minor burns or first degree burns usually only affect the outer layers of skin and will not break the skin. Second degree burns can affect both the outer and lower layer of skin and the result is often blistering and swelling. Third degree burns are much more serious and will go through to the deeper tissue and can cause nerve damage and discolouration of the skin.

Do Treat Burns By:

  • Stopping the burning process and removing the source of heat, dousing or smothering flames but do not put yourself at risk.
  • Removing any clothing or jewellery from the sight of the burn if it has been burned, is hot or is soaked in chemicals (so long as it isn’t stuck to the skin).
  • Applying cool (not freezing cold or ice) water -  so long as the burn has not broken the skin.  A clean, cool wet towel will also be effective.
  • Once the burn and the skin has cooled, you could apply a natural moisturiser such as aloe vera gel.
  • Applying a clean, dry, cotton dressing to provide protection against pressure and friction.
  • Taking pain relief such as paracetamol or ibuprofen to relieve swelling.

Don’ts Of Treating Burns:

  • Burns should not be treated with ice or ice water because this can cause further tissue damage. Cover the burn with a clean towel or sheet and seek emergency medical attention as soon as possible.
  • Unless someone is on fire and the only way to put them out is to drench them (not on grease fires! ), Water should not be used to treat an open burn because it will expose the burn and introduce bacteria.
  • Do not apply butter, oil, ointments or sprays to the burn.  They won’t help to cool the burn, they could introduce infection and they will make the burn harder to treat.
  • If clothing is stuck to the skin, do not try to remove it or peel off and loose skin.  This could cause more damage and make the chances of infection more likely.
  • If you are helping someone with an airway burn do not give them anything to eat or drink and do not place a pillow under their head.  Both could cause an obstruction in the airway, it’s best to keep them in an upright position.

The severity of the burn will determine the treatment that is required and what degree of burn you have suffered. For the majority, cooling the area down is a priority, but for more severe cases or if you are unsure, you should seek professional medical attention.

First Aid Kits For Burns

The majority of burns happen at home or in the workplace. We stock a wide range of first aid kits and supplies specifically designed to be able to treat minor burns. We also stock first aid kits specifically for catering and kitchen environments, in a choice of sizes, where the risk of burns is higher.

Premium Large Burns First Aid Kit

Supplied in a bright red storage box, this comprehensive first aid kit has all of the essential medical items for fast and effective relief from scalds and burns.

BSI Medium Catering Premium First Aid Kit

A medium sized first aid kit for catering environments, compliant to BSI standards. Supplied in a premium box with a wall bracket.

Burn Gel Dressing

The Burn Gel is non-adherent, sterile and the water-based hydrogel formula is designed to soothe and cool minor burns and scalds, as well as relieve pain and aid recovery.   The dressing helps to keep the cooling gel in place whilst it keeps the wound hydrated and protected from infection.  The perfect addition to any first aid kit, especially for those in a working kitchen environment.

We hope that this information has been useful and that should you need to treat a burn in the future, you will have some knowledge about what to and not to do.  You can also be fully prepared to deal with minor burns when you purchase one of our first aid kits.  Please remember that if you are ever in doubt or the burn is more serious, then you should seek medical attention as soon as possible. 


Post By Kelly