Stimulate your senses and enhance your sexual experience with some of our best selling sexual lubricants. Designed to create a sensual and safe experience in the bedroom, our range of lubes from leading brands EXS and Pasante are all safe to use with condoms, and are water based to ensure they don't leave behind any stains. Available in a variety of fun flavours, and in convenient sachet or pump formulas, they're an item that can be taken and used on the go too! With so much choice, you're probably thinking, where do I start? So here is a whistle stop tour of some of our most popular sexual lubricants!

Pasante Female Stimulating Orgasmic Gel 75ml Pump

Designed with ladies in mind, this pretty in pink stimulating orgasmic gel pump is a paraben free soft gel that is designed to heighten sensitivity and increase orgasmic pleasure. It's the perfect formula for creating that long lasting tingly sensation!

EXS Boys Own Clear Lube Sachets - 10ml

A sensual lubricant for men, these EXS boys own clear lube sachets are perfect for fitting in your bag for travelling and for on the go action. Each sachet contains a 10ml portion of lube that is smooth, silky, non-stick and super easy to apply! Unlike similar lubes on the market, this lube contains no harmful ingredients such as parabens, allowing you to have safe and enjoyable sex each and every time.

EXS Flavoured Lube

Maximise the enjoyment for both partners with our EXS flavoured lube, promising to be the tastiest way to make love! Available in a bubblegum, cola, chocolate and strawberry flavour, mix and match to find your perfect combo! We would also recommend the Pasante flavoured lube sachets which can be used in conjunction with all types of condoms!

Pasante Gentle Light Lube 10ml Sachets

A perfect choice for those with slightly sensitive skin, this lube won't irritate or aggravate any skin issues. It is a gentle water based formula which is suitable for both men and women. Designed to enhance the experience for both partners, this clear and odourless lubricant come in convenient sachets for added ease.

Pasante Magic Delay 75ml Pump

A paraben free and water based formula, magic delay is designed for a gentle lubrication that will give you extended pleasure, and an intense experience that just can't be achieved from traditional lubricants on the market. Promising to be amazingly sensual for the two of you, it comes in a handy pump action formula so you can use as little, or as much as you would like!

Pasante TLC Lube 10ml Sachets

Gentle, water based and paraben free, this quick acting lube from Pasante works to care for the skin whilst helping to effectively eliminate genital dryness which can be a common issue amongst all ages. This is an opaque and flavourless lube which you don't need to worry about staining your clothing with as it can easily be washed out! These are also available in 5ml sachets or a pump formula to suit your requirements.

Lubricants are an easy way to inject a bit of extra sensation into your love life, in a safe and enjoyable way! At reasonable prices, why not try them all to discover your favourite way to make love! Don't forget to take a look at our full range of lubricants for plenty more products to choose from! Don't forget you can keep up to date with all of our medical supplies on our social media pages: Facebook, Twitter and Google+.

Post By Nicole Sage