When it comes to purchasing the right sexual lubricant, you can be faced with a bit of a dilemma over the many different types on offer...

After all: "Which lube do I choose?"

Every lubricant comes with its own special function, making each choice suited to a particular aspect of sexual play. Although there are some great all-rounders out there, it's a good idea to get intimate with the most frequently used and trusted options on offer.

To help you out, SHD Medical have handpicked our 5 essential types of lubricant and identified exactly what they do!


Water-based lubes are your go-to lubricant for all different types of sexual intercourse. They're versatile, can be used safely on skin and toys alike and in some cases, can even be used on very sensitive skin. Water-based lubes are also quick and easy to clean off whilst mimicking the natural lubrication of the vagina for an even more authentic feel that works with the body. However, water-based lubes can dry up fairly quickly, making them less effective for more prolonged spells of passion.


Silicone-based lubes usually make up for all the things that water-based lubes may lack. Not only can silicone lubes be used during your longest sexual encounters, but they also work in the shower and alongside anal sex, thanks to the silky, gliding feel. The only downside is that you have to be careful which sex toys you use - never combine silicone toys with silicone lube as it can break down and damage the supple surface of your toy.

Lubricating Jelly

Lube in Tube is a top end, premium range alternative to regular lube that is not only kind to the skin but suitable for all rubber, metal, natural and synthetic sex toys and materials. Lube In A Tube features a non-greasy, jelly-like consistency that is gynaecologically and surgically recommended for vaginal lubrication.


Flavoured lubes are a playful way of tantalising your partner during oral sex. From Saucy Strawberry to Cheeky Cherry and more - each flavour is great for teasing the tastebuds and stimulating the senses of both the giver and receiver, whilst being safe and suitable for vaginal and anal sex.

Anal Lubricant

Designed specifically for backdoor sex, anal lubricant is thicker and longer lasting than standard lubrication options. Boys Own Lube is a sensual water-based product, formulated with a smooth, silky and non-sticky feel to provide enhanced comfort during intercourse. When it comes to cleaning up, this lubricant washes out easily and won't stain clothes and bedsheets.

Post By Ed Mason