Contraceptives come in many different shapes and sizes and although condoms lead the way in popularity, it is also important to bring to light some of the alternatives, that can not only keep you safe but also make foreplay and intercourse even more enjoyable.

A misunderstood form of protection, the dental dam is something that seems to elude conversation far more than many other sexual topics. If you've never tried one yourself, not sure whether a dental dam is for you, or still trying to figure out what a dental dam actually is, SHD will guide you through everything you need to know about dental dams before you go ahead and purchase one!

What Is A Dental Dam?

Dental dams are a rectangular latex sheet that can be used as a barrier for oral sex - protecting against direct contact between the mouth and the vagina or anus - working in a similar way to condoms and providing extra safety for both partners during foreplay.

How Do I Use A Dental Dam?

If you're new to the dental dam experience, it may feel a little bit unusual at first, especially if unprotected oral sex is all you've been used to - but stick with it, and we're sure you'll grow to love it! Initially couples may be worried there will be a loss of sensitivity and it will take away from the sexual spontaneity you've had before, but dental dams are in fact incredibly easy to use and, unlike condoms are a much less fussy affair. Remove from packaging, place over genitals, position and hold in place, it's as simple as that! If the latex surface is blocking too much of the sensation, use a suitable lubricant on the side of the dental dam exposed to the genitals for increased stimulation.

Make sure you check the packaging and the expiry date and also check for weaknesses in the material. Use either a water or silicon based lubricant for additional reassurance and, like condoms, store them in a cool, dry place away from sunlight.

What Do They Protect Me Against?

If used correctly, the idea is that you can be protect against HIV transmitted through oral, as well as all the same STDs that other barrier contraceptives work to safeguard you from such as gonorrhea, chlamydia, herpes, hepatitis A and B, syphilis and HPV. It is crucial therefore, that the dental dam is always kept in place and isn't allowed to slip away from the genitals. Make sure that you are consistent in which side you use for mouth and genital contact and each side is not allowed to switch over accidentally during sex.

Should I Be Using One?

Dental dams are a great way to give yourself peace of mind during oral sex and perfect for those who are unsure of their partner's sexual health status but don't want to compromise on a full and satisfying sexual experience. If you're looking for a dental dam with a little added excitement, we supply EXS Assorted Flavour Dental Oral Dams, that come in 5 seductive flavours including grape, banana, vanilla, strawberry and mint.

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Post By Ed Mason