As the second largest condom manufacturer in the UK, Mates is a high quality brand that has built a loyal customer base over the years. Safety and reliability are at the forefront of their product developments with premium condoms that are specially designed to enhance your sexual experience and keep you protected. Here at SHD Medical, we aim to supply quality medical products at the best possible prices, so we’re delighted to offer you one of our most trusted brands: Mates Condoms!

History of Mates Condoms
Launched in 1987 by Richard Branson, Mates have a wealth of experience in the world of sexual health. Starting off by promoting condoms to the younger market at low prices, the brand helped to encourage greater awareness of HIV and AIDS. Ansell took over the brand a year later after previously producing condoms for Virgin.

Since then, Mates has seen a number of re-launches with impressive campaigns that have won them various awards. Thanks to a rigorous production process and quality tests and checks, the brand has been awarded its CE and BSI Kitemark credentials alongside its ISO certifications.

Mates has continued to keep up to date with market changes and are renown for creating fault-free products. Always at the centre of the condom market, Mates continue to meet customer demands and develop new products that are both safe and reliable. Their products are manufactured with quality latex in different sizes, shapes and offering different sensations to suit everyone.

About Mates Condoms Products

Mates Natural Condoms
Made from latex, Mates Natural Condoms are designed to give you long lasting protection, extra comfort and safety. Reliable and comfortable, these condoms feature a wider shape at the top and are suitable for those who may find other condoms too tight.

Mates Skyn Condoms
Made without latex, Mates Skyn Condoms feature a material called polyisoprene that helps to make them feel softer and more flexible than regular condoms. Still offering the same strength and safety, these are the thinnest condoms in the Mates range and are designed to achieve that sensitive, skin on skin-like feeling.

Mates Flavoured Condoms
Perfect for those who wish to spice up their love life, these Mates Flavoured Condoms feature both smell and taste and are colour coordinated. Offering maximum protection and comfort, these condoms feature an easy on shape and come in four flavours: strawberry, banana, mint and vanilla. We would recommend using additional lubricant with this product.

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Post By Nicole Sage