Aurelia gloves are a popular brand under the Supermax Healthcare name and have become the world’s second largest manufacturer of the most recognised disposable examination gloves.  They produce 26 billion gloves a year and distribute to over 160 countries internationally.  

Aurelia launched in 2000 and was the flagship name under the Supermax brand and quickly became one of the leading names across North America and Europe.  

Aurelia produces premium quality gloves that place an unwavering emphasis on comfort and safety for professionals across a wide range of industries and working environments.  Aurelia is well on its way to becoming the most recognisable disposable glove brand in the world, thanks to its distinctive packaging.  

Their mission statement is: To be the global brand of choice amongst all users of disposable examination gloves and the global market leader in the manufacture of disposable gloves. 

Aurelia Glove Ranges

Aurelia have developed an extensive choice of disposable gloves that can be suited to different working environments and take into consideration sensitivities and allergies too.  Their ranges include:

Aurelia Nitrile

Nitrile gloves are made from synthetic rubber which offers a practical and comfortable solution for anyone who is required to wear disposable gloves but is allergic to latex.  Nitrile offers excellent elasticity and can be used for a wide range of applications across medical, laboratory and manufacturing environments.

Aurelia Bold Black Nitrile Gloves - Pack of 100

Aurelia Latex

Latex gloves are made from 100% natural rubber, are the most commonly used and provide suitable protection in a variety of applications. Available in a choice of powdered and powder free options, Aurelia Latex gloves are vigorously tested to ensure they meet the required standards.

Aurelia Vibrant Powder Free Latex 1.5 Gloves

Aurelia Vinyl

Vinyl disposable gloves are strong, durable and a reliable alternative to latex gloves.  Vinyl gloves are a popular choice for those working in food handling and catering environments as well as for cleaning and non-invasive medical procedures.  Vinyl offers a good grip and excellent tactile sensitivity enabling you to carry out tasks without even noticing you are wearing gloves.  

Aurelia Delight Blue Powder Free Vinyl Gloves

What’s New From Aurelia

We are continually discovering new and popular disposable gloves from Aurelia and now stock Aurelia Ignite which are heavy duty, 7ml thick nitrile gloves that have been designed with mechanics in mind.   

Aurelia Bold MAX these black nitrile gloves offer a premium quality, disposable glove that provides outstanding tensile strength. They also feature a unique diamond texture for excellent grip across a wide range of handling tasks.

Aurelia Unique have been produced from great quality, stretch vinyl that offers a comfortable and soft feel.  These smooth and powder free, white gloves have a seamless construction and are resistant to most chemicals.

With a focus on protection, comfort, safety and sensitivity Aurelia brings a wide range of high quality disposable gloves to fit everyone's needs. Ideal for use across a wide range of industries including food, healthcare, dental, automotive and more, they all conform to PPE regulations and European standards for medical gloves.  To shop all of the Aurelia Gloves range, click here.


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