Condoms can be a little inelegant at the best times, at worst they can be the source of a few awkward moments in the bedroom...

If you've experienced breakages, allergies and even problems getting aroused while using a condom, do not despair! SHD will guide you through everything you need to know about the most popular contraceptive on the planet.

And don't forget, the upside is that condoms are an incredibly inexpensive and effective form of protection against STIs and unwanted pregnancy. If you're looking for the cheapest condoms available, SHD stock hundreds of condoms for as little as £2.

Let's get started...

Problem #1 - My Condom Broke

Condom breakages can be annoying and worrying but it's a situation that can be fixed in a number of easy ways.

The main issue is likely to be the size of the condom. If you're particularly well endowed, you could be pushing your condom to the limit - combine that with particularly rough or passionate sex and a breakages is inevitable. Makes sure you always size up with an 'XL' or 'King Size' condom, use lube and you'll drastically reduce the chances of a break.

We need to mention this again - use more lube! Before you engage in any type of anal or vaginal sex, apply a drop of lube to the tip of the penis BEFORE you put on the condom and then apply a drop to the outside of the condom to reduce any aggressive friction. The condom shouldn't fall off if you're wearing the right size condom for you.

Finally, make sure you put the condom on the right way round and you ensure that the tip is pinched to prevent any air from being trapped once the condom is rolled down. Always take care when you open the condom packaging - don't rip the package, use your teeth or get any jewellery or long nails involved in the condom unveiling process.


Problem #2 - Why Is My Condom Leaking?

If your condom is leaking semen from the base, you've chosen the wrong fit. It's likely that the condom is too big and the main problem that men have is not only finding trimmer condoms, but having the humility to actually wear one. Luckily, SHD stock a wide range of trimmer, slimmer, more fitted condoms to suit your body type perfectly.

Problem #3 - Why Is My Condom Always Falling Off?

Losing a condom inside your partner is alarming and something to be avoided. If it does happen, ensure that you or your partner calmly lies back , inserts either a finger or two and pulls it out slowly and carefully once you've got a secure grip. Condoms can find their way out on their own, but if it hasn't been retrieved for a significant amount of time and you're concerned, you may need a healthcare professional to remove it for you.

Always ensure that you're wearing the right size condom and always ensure that once the male partner reaches climax that you remove and dispose of the condom away from your partner and as safely as possible.

Problem #4 - Why Do I Lose My Erection With A Condom?

It's a surprisingly common problem but if a male partner loses his erection with a condom or finds it uncomfortable during sex then it may be an idea to start mixing up the kind of condoms you use.

Experiment with latex, non-latex, trim or XL sizes and discover a condom that you will love using. SHD stock a huge variety of eclectic and assorted condoms to help you find exactly what you're looking for. Also, make sure you use lube and never skip foreplay...

Problem #5 - I'm Allergic To Condoms

Itching, swelling, irritation and burning when using a condom indicates more than just a sensitivity - in fact you may be having an allergic reaction to the condom you're using.

Condom allergies are often caused by a reaction to the latex material, which is a common sensitivity for some people. If you are allergic, or simply have an aversion to the smell, taste or texture, switch to a polyisoprene condom brand such as SKYN - the perfect choice for those with a latex allergy

Post By Ed Mason