For many workers who come into contact with irritants, hazardous substances, chemicals and pathogens as well as those who handle food, wearing gloves is just part of everyday life.  

Vinyl gloves have been a popular choice for a long time both domestically and professionally.  Vinyl is affordable, versatile and can be used in a wide range of applications but disposable gloves are required to do more than just offer protection against contaminants.  We will tell you more about what vinyl gloves are, why they are a good choice and how they can be used.

Disposable Vinyl Gloves - What Are They?

Disposable vinyl gloves are single use, safety gloves made from a synthetic material called PVC (polyvinyl chloride). A plasticiser is added during the production process which makes the material of the gloves more flexible and suitable for use as safety gloves.  PVC is really inexpensive and therefore, vinyl gloves are highly affordable and are ideal for working environments who have a high turnover of gloves.

Plasticised PVC makes vinyl gloves waterproof and resistant to a variety of chemicals such as low corrosive metals, dyes and detergents.  Vinyl gloves are available in both powdered and non powdered varieties, each has their own benefits. 

It’s always a good idea when purchasing any type of disposable gloves to check the manufacturers specifications and guidance to see if the gloves are suitable for the application in mind.  Vinyl gloves are not recommended for use where contact with chemicals and fatty foods or oils is likely.

Why Choose Vinyl Instead Of Latex Or Nitrile?

Whilst vinyl disposable gloves are not as strong or chemical resistant as both latex and nitrile, they are very versatile and good value for money.  They are a preferred option for many working environments and are a good choice for those with latex allergies.  They aren’t as robust or puncture and tear resistant as latex or nitrile and are best suited to low risk situations.  They are a popular choice and excellent for preventing contamination and cross-contamination during food preparation whilst being a suitable alternative for those with skin allergies.   

Vinyl Glove Uses

Vinyl disposable gloves are used widely across both domestic and working environments thanks to their suitability for low risk and day to day tasks.  The most popular applications for vinyl gloves include: 

Food Preparation & Handling

Commonly used where food safety is crucial, vinyl gloves protect against contamination and cross contamination of food and other materials during food handling. Vinyl gloves are perfect for those who handle both food and cash as they are inexpensive and can easily be changed when switching between the two.  It’s worth noting that vinyl gloves do not cope well in contact with fatty and oily foods. 


Suitable for both domestic and industrial cleaning applications, vinyl gloves will protect the hands from the exposure of low risk chemicals and detergents for short periods of time.  They are not suitable however, for high risk chemicals.


For those working in a housekeeping environment, particularly in carer and assistance roles, vinyl gloves will offer hand protection from bodily fluids that may have contaminated laundry, bed linen and towels. 


Vinyl gloves offer good protection for hairdressers treating and dying their clients’ hair.  Stronger chemicals may require gloves of a different material such as nitrile. 

Vinyl Gloves Available To Buy At SHD Medical

A reliable alternative to latex our range of vinyl disposable gloves includes a variety of brands, sizes and colours to match your own requirements and tasks.  

Here are just a few of the vinyl glove options available from us:

Unigloves Stretch Vinyl Powder & Latex Free Gloves

Powder free, food safe and made with softer vinyl for increased movement and dexterity.

Aurelia Unique - Powder Free Stretch Vinyl Gloves

High quality, white, stretch vinyl gloves are glueless, ambidextrous and offer excellent tactile sensitivity.

Yala Blue Powder Free Vinyl Gloves (Food Safe)

Yala Vinyl disposable gloves are latex free, soft and durable.  They are powder free making them the number one choice for those in the food preparation and catering industry.

Shield Clear Vinyl Powder Free Disposable Gloves

Latex free for those with hypersensitivity and allergies, these gloves offer a smooth finish, are spade for food contact and are powder free.

We hope that this information has been useful.  You can shop our entire range of disposable gloves here.


Post By Kelly