Clothing and uniform play a vital role in the medical and healthcare sector.  Uniforms, lab coats and scrubs protect the wearer from contaminants and each serves its own purpose.  Each healthcare provider will have their own set of policies, in line with UK legislation and they should be adhered to carefully.

Why Are Scrubs Important?

There are a number of reasons why medical scrubs are important and they have several benefits too. Here are a few:

They Protect Against Bodily Fluids
High quality medical scrubs are made from a thick fabric providing a barrier. This will ensure that any bodily fluids that come into contact with them do not make direct contact with the wearer’s skin.

Scrubs Are Comfortable And Functional
Healthcare workers have one of the most demanding jobs and often work long shifts so comfort is of utmost importance. Staff often need to rush around, lift patients and equipment and are often exposed to harmful pathogens and scrubs will allow them to stay comfortable all the way through their shifts. They are also functional because they allow a wide range of motion, have pockets to store essentials and many are reversible.

Easy Identification
Scrubs make the wearer easily identifiable, just like any other uniform. It’s easy to recognise a professional healthcare worker from a member of the public if they are wearing scrubs. Identification can be increased by the colour of their scrubs.

They Can Help Prevent Cross-Contamination
Cross-contamination is not only a concern in the workplace but also in the community. Medical scrubs that are specially cleaned along with other medical linens, not at home, will help to prevent the spread of highly infectious diseases, infections and viruses.


Most hospitals or medical settings require staff to wear specific coloured scrubs. The colour of the scrubs could vary between departments and also helps to differentiate between the role of each employee, for example nurse, surgeon or healthcare assistant. Scrub colours make staff easily recognisable to each other and to patients. There is also a science behind the colour options of scrubs. White was the traditional colour for surgeons, doctors and nurses, particularly in operating theatres, but research shows that green or cyan colours were a better choice because they washed up better than whites and they also helped the surgeons to see better. Green or blue scrubs have been found to help reduce eye strain and refresh the vision of doctors after staring at red or white for long periods of time.

There are many different colours available and each has been identified to have its own influence and benefits.

Pink - unlike red which is often a warning or negative colour, pink is more soothing to the eye. This bright colour may be a popular choice in care homes or on children’s wards.

Blue - the most popular choice. Blue is a calming colour and can help to reduce anxiety and lower blood pressure. It’s also a trusting colour which has been found to help surgeons focus better. There are several shades of blue, navy blue is often a good choice for disguising blood stains.

Green - another popular choice, green is said to be associated with peace and tranquillity and is described as a healing colour. Scientifically, green has been known to help lower blood pressure. This could be because it is on the opposite side to red on the colour wheel. It is a positive colour choice for scrubs.

NHS Compliant Scrubs

Whilst patients and the general public strongly associate the NHS with blue and white, and they are the dominant colour choice, they also use a variety of coloured scrubs in different departments.

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Post By Kelly Trethewey