Condoms are absolutely essential to safe sex, but they can feel uncomfortable and prove to be a complete turn-off to others...

So how do you make your sex-with-condoms experience not only enjoyable but head-spinningly orgasmic?

There's no question that condoms are THE most convenient and effective form of birth and STI prevention that you can get your hands. However, there are a number of brilliant brands designed to push your pleasure buttons, stimulate your senses and bring you and your partner even closer.

If you still think they're a less-than-sexy accessory, here are SHD Medical's 5 favourite condoms for bringing your sex life back up to boiling point...

Durex Intense Ribbed & Dotted Condoms

When you think you've tried everything, give a warm welcome to Durex Intense Ribbed & Dotted Condoms. Designed with an insane ribbed and dotted texture, these condoms are also coated in the Desirex stimulating gel which offers a unique warming, cooling and tingling sensation to help induce the climax of your life.

Durex Arouser 'Tickle Me' Ribbed Condoms

Designed to stroke, titillate and thrill, these naturally shaped condoms come with a multi-ribbed shaft to offer consistent, uninterrupted stimulation with every thrust.

Durex Invisible Extra Thin Extra Sensitive Condoms

If 'thin feel' condoms don't do the job, go Invisible. These Extra Thin condoms from Durex are 20% thinner than regular latex condoms, giving you extra sensitivity and allowing you to feel your partner's warmth against your body... They really do feel like you're wearing nothing at all.

Durex Mutual Climax (Performax) Condoms

Reach ecstatic heights together with the super intimate 'Mutual Climax' from Durex. Designed to pleasure both partners, this condom is ribbed for him and dotted for her and features a special heat-activated lube with a 5% benzocaine numbing agent to help you time your orgasm perfectly with your other half.

Durex Pleasure Me Condoms

Achieve pinpoint pleasure with the Durex Pleasure Me range. Shaped to naturally caress the contours of the body, this ribbed & dotted condom is textured to complete perfection for even more stimulation when you climax.

Post By Ed Mason