There are countless varieties of condoms on the market and every time you go online or look around the shopping aisles, there's a chance you've asked yourself, what are spermicidal and non-spermicidal condoms? What's the difference? Which is safer? And how will it affect my sexual experience? Worry no more! SHD Medical are here to reveal the truth behind this confusing contraceptive terminology.

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Spermicide and non-spermicide doesn't in fact refer to the condom itself but to what it's coated with. Spermicidal condoms are designed with a special pre-lubricated surface containing Nonoxynol-9; a compound that helps in destroying sperm upon contact.

What are the benefits of spermicidal condoms?

The main advantage of spermicidal condoms is that they offer a double barrier of protection, giving both partners the added reassurance that they have protected against an unwanted pregnancy in the event of condom failure. Spermicides also come in a variety of different forms including sexual lubricants, creams and gels as well as cervical barriers and suppositories.

Non-spermicidal condoms are simply manufactured with a gentler lubricant than the spermicidal or Nonoxynol-9 options and are great for people who are hyper sensitive to condoms or allergic to spermicides.

What are the benefits of non-spermicidal condoms?

Not only do they have a longer shelf life (typically 3-5 years) but they are far less messy and sticky than their spermicidal counterparts due to the milder lubricants involved and are often free from that clinical, chemical-y odour associated with spermicide. Although trying to compare different sexual sensations can be rather subjective, non-spermicidal condoms are considered to have more of a natural feel as spermicidal lubricants can at times increase the rubbery, artificial sensations of wearing a condom. In addition the Nonoxynol-9 present in spermicide can, for some women, cause irritation during sex and it is thought that this could lead to an increased risk in developing an infection.Take a look at our extensive range of new Condom Combos, many of which are free from spermicidal properties and are designed to enhance your sex life instantly with an authentic and natural feeling.

We also stock this brilliant water-based Pasante TLC non-spermicidal lubricant that has a velvet smooth natural texture for a more sensual lovemaking experience. It is brilliantly formulated, non-sticky and can be easily washed off.

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