If you still think a vajazzle is the only way to add glittery decorations to your intimate areas then you probably haven't heard about Passion Dust.

This sparkly vagina accessory is surging in popularity; so in case you're unaware, SHD Medical will guide you through what you need to know about the new glitter bomb sex trend.

What Are Vagina Glitter Bombs?

A glitter bomb - or Passion Dust Intimacy Pills - come in the form of a little capsule that a woman can insert into her vagina, releasing a light covering of shimmering, sweet-smelling glitter.

Dissolving more quickly as the user becomes aroused, these adult novelty items are not a liquid, lubricant-based product or a gel, they simply add sparkle and flavour to your intimate area - spicing up lovemaking in a new way.

Created by erotic entrepreneur Lola-Butterflie Von-Kerius - she came up with the idea while making her own range of eye shadow, lip balm and other glittery cosmetics.

Should I Be Using Glitter Bombs?

The idea behind them is purely novelty - Passion Dust Pills are created to work on a purely aesthetic level and not as a lubricant or similar product designed to enhance sexual performance or create any additional physical stimulation for either partners.

Glitter bombs are for vaginal use only as the fluids produced in the vagina are what help the passion dust capsule dissolve - working by naturally removing the glitter from the body and creating the desired sparkly effect.


There has been a bit of controversy surrounding Passion Dust following its release, despite the fact that creator Von-Kerius claims they are "non-toxic and FDA approved."

Since the product has gone viral, many medical experts and physicians have come out to express their criticism and concerns surrounding the product. With some gynecologists suggesting that they could "add to the problem" when it comes to issues effecting the delicate pH balance of the vagina as well as putting sexual partners at potential risk of infection.

In response to the media controversy, Passion Dust released this statement to their customers that you can read in full, here.

Whether Glitter Bombs are safe to use or not is still a hotly debated question, but whatever sexual health products you like to use, bear in mind that trends tend to come and go, so staying safe and using trusted and approved products should always be your top priority when you're looking to try something new in the bedroom.

Post By Ed Mason