For a long time, latex has been considered the best option for manufacturing condoms, but this is no longer the case...

Many of us don't even stop to consider what our go-to contraceptives are made from, but for those who suffer from allergies, finding the right condom is easier said than done.

So whether you suffer from latex sensitivities or you're looking to improve your sex life, SHD will guide you through everything you need to know, answering that all important question - should I be using latex-free condoms?

What Is Natural Rubber Latex?

Derived from the sap of a rubber tree, allergies occur when a person develops a sensitivity to certain proteins that make up the natural rubber latex. Not to be confused with synthetic rubber with a chemical composition, natural latex is a material used for many medical supplies such as disposable gloves, syringes and many other lifestyle items such as balloons, footwear and toys, but most applicably, condoms.

What Are Latex-Free Condoms Made From?

Latex-free condoms, such as our Mates Skyn Original Non Latex / Latex Free Condoms, are made from Polyisoprene - a scientifically formulated non-latex product. Polyisoprene is a compound that delivers an enhanced sensation, with a softer, smoother, more natural feeling than latex, providing high strength and sensitivity in equal measure. For anyone looking for the perfect non-latex alternative, you'll love the skin-on-skin feeling of Skyn condoms so much that you'll never look back.

What Are The Sexual Benefits Of Latex-Free Condoms?

Latex-free condoms offer a load of benefits aside from eliminating your allergy symptoms - and there's good reason why they're so popular. The Polyisoprene material creates a much more intimate experience for both involved, thanks to the thinner feel and design, heightening the connection you have with your partner. Polyisoprene also transfers heat more effectively than latex making, helping you edge closer and closer to that completely au naturale level of sensation - it's no wonder why so many non-allergy customers are using latex-free condoms to improve their sex life.

Should I Be Using Latex-Free Condoms?

If you have an allergy to latex, exposure can typically cause itching, hives and rashes - and down below is the last place you want these symptoms to occur! Latex-free condoms offer the perfect solution, not just for those who are prone to allergic reactions but also for those who have a personal aversion to latex - dissuaded by the feel, texture or level of sexual stimulation they offer or even that latex-y smell and taste.

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Post By Ed Mason