Condoms do more than simply serve a purpose in the bedroom - so why don't they get the respect they deserve? With so many different options to choose from, modern condoms are something you should be taking seriously and have now evolved into a contraceptive that can actually improve your sex life. So in case you didn't know, SHD will guide you through the best ways you can get the most out of your next condom purchase!

Preventing Unplanned Pregnancies & STIs

The most effective way to prevent against unplanned pregnancies and sexually transmitted diseases is still by using condoms. They're 98% effective which helps to eliminate the anxiety, bringing you closer to achieving a peace of mind that you simple won't get when you're without them.

They Can Feel Amazing 

If you're looking to unlock new levels of pleasure, condoms could be the key to a whole new realm of sexual excitement. With the huge choice available, you can quite literally tailor your condom purchase to suit what you're looking for; whether you like ribbed, dotted & flared condoms for enhanced stimulation or condoms that delay ejaculation, you can play around with different, thicknesses, textures and even temperatures to get ever closer to achieving a skin-on-skin feeling or completely rejuvenating your sex life - all you need to do is get experimenting...

Get The Correct Size

Getting the fit right on a condom is arguably one of the easiest ways to improve your all-round sexual experience. Continuing to use uncomfortable, poorly fitting, tight or loose condoms will put you off using them and an ill-fitting condom will increase the chances of it splitting or falling off altogether - completely stripping away the passion from the bedroom. Those that struggle with generic, off-the-shelf contraceptives will find that trying out different sizes such as 'trim' or 'king size' is a complete game-changer.

Get The Occasion Right

Just as you can choose condoms according to size, shape and sensation - you can find a wide array to suit different situations and sexual preferences. If you think condoms just need to be used during intercourse, why not try an assortment of sensual flavours to make things extra exciting during oral sex. Check out our EXS Boys Own products, complete with condoms and lube made especially for anal sex or try out a glow in the dark condom for when you want to spice things up with the lights off.

Post By Ed Mason