It's an age old question that has been the subject of debate among women and has baffled many men. With so many differing opinions flying around, scientific studies and sexologists making claims about the size of the male member, SHD are looking to get to the point, finding out whether a bigger penis truly equates to a happier sex life.

It's Subjective

It's no surprise but the "size matters" question differs from person to person and is only really determined by an individuals unique tastes, personal preferences and opinions. Therefore, if you're searching for a definitive answer from only one or two sources, you're simply not going to get an accurate one.

The question of whether a woman finds a man's penis "pleasurable" or "satisfying" is personally defined and the reasons why a sexual experience is considered satisfying really doesn't comes down to the anatomical measurements but the emotional and physical connection that occurs - in what form that comes in for the partners involved is really subjective.

If It Matters To Him, It's An Issue

If a man is constantly expressing disappointment at his size - or lack of - this is going to have a negative impact on the relationship, the problems from which are going to appear in the bedroom. Lack of body confidence and anxiety kills passion, so communicating effectively will ensure that penis size issues aren't turned into a big deal.

It's Not About The Size But How You Use It

Probably the most overused comment in the "size matters debate". Analysing scientific studies on penis length and girth is a pretty disparate exercise in comparison, and finding out whether or not a 5.8 Inch Erect Penis Is Needed For A Vaginal Orgasm isn't particularly useful for anyone who has penis that doesn't fit these requirements - merely giving a rough guide to either reassure or fuel male anxiety. Again, learning to know what your partner likes and communicating effectively will build confidence in the bedroom and will more likely equate to a better sex life.

Bigger Equals Better

As much as the emotionally led parts of a sexual relationship are subjective, for some women, the same goes for the physical aspects. For some women a small penis simply cannot give the same level of pleasure as a bigger one and the stimulation of various erogenous zones are rarely successful unless the man happens to be well endowed. Therefore because there is virtually nothing a man can do to change the size of his penis, it is important not to worry and to work with what you've got; chances are it's just right as it is!

Post By Ed Mason