Our eyes are two of the most important and delicate organs in the body, and yet, we often neglect our eye health, assuming that they'll simply take care of themselves.

SHD will guide you through the dietary, lifestyle and protective steps you need to take to ensure your vision stays as near perfect as possible.


Omega-3 fatty acids found in fish such as tuna, salmon and mackerel (or in fish oil supplements) can help protect your eyes against problems such as dry eyes and even cataracts. Leafy greens, eggs, fruits and veg can also promote eye health and zinc - typically found in meats such as beef can also prevent against age associated Macular Degeneration.

Quit Smoking

Smoking impacts may aspects of your health, including your eyes. Smoking increases the risk of your developing cataracts, optic nerve damage and many more issues. Quitting smoking will only be beneficial to the improved well-being of your eyes.

Take A Screen Break

Looking away from your computer screen can prevent the fatigue and discomfort that occurs from protracted periods of constant eye use. Symptoms of eyes strain include sore, itching or burning eyes, problems focusing, watery or dry eyes and light sensitivity. Although you may not be able to reduce screen time at work, you can take breaks, focusing on far away objects to relax the eye muscles.

Protect Your Eyes

If you work in construction, building work or similar high risk jobs, you'll be more prone to eye damage. Whether it's hazardous debris in the air such as dust and fragments from sawing, you need to be wearing goggles if you're a professional or casual DIY-er. Similarly sports such as squash also require you use eye protection, so make sure you always bring your safety glasses with you.

Wearing sunglasses is also incredibly important to protect your eyes as exposure to UV rays can damage the retina, lead to age related blindness and Macular Degeneration. It's hard to tell whether your sunglasses are UV protected without the help of an optometrists. However, looking out for a CE mark - usually located somewhere a long the frame of your glasses - will be your best indicator UV protection and eye safety.

Know How To Treat Eye Problems When They Occur

SHD's Eye Wash section offers everything you need for emergency eye treatment, including Sterile Eye Wash, Eye Baths and kits put together for workplaces, including this Eyewash Case Kit including 2 eye wash bottles & eye pads.


Post By Ed Mason