Penises come in different shapes and sizes, but when it comes to condoms, many tend to choose convenience over a perfect fit.

For the majority, purchasing and re-ordering your favourite brand is as complicated as it will get, but for those who are constantly struggling with generic sizes, condoms can be a real cause of discomfort.

If sex is uncomfortable, you're worried about breakages or you're losing your erection all together - worry not! SHD Medical have put together a list of the best contraceptives for the larger gent, with a range of eclectic choices to suit any personal preferences you may have.

Larger Condoms Variety Pack - Mates, EXS, Pasante

For those who are looking to beat the breakages and achieve ultimate peace of mind, the larger condoms variety pack features a selection of brilliant choices to switch up your sex life or help you discover your favourite brand! From EXS, Pasante and Mates, bring some excitement and extra comfort into the bedroom and broaden your sexual horizons with this must-have mix.

Pasante Black Fantasy Condoms

Introduce some naughtiness into your sex life with Pasante's Black Fantasy condoms range. Not only will the larger than average fit eliminate all the problems associated with regular condoms, they are completely black in colour - instantly creating a little kinkiness in the bedroom when you need it most.


Mates Skyn Large Non Latex/ Latex Free Condoms

Handpicked for those with a latex sensitivity or allergy, Skyn Large condoms will not only provide you with the perfect fit you're looking for, they are made from high quality Polyisoprene which is softer, more flexible and just as strong and safe as regular contraceptives.

Pasante Super King Size Condoms (144 Pack)

When even the largest condoms feel too tight, the Super King Size is the best choice for achieving sexual satisfaction. If you've been plagued by splitting, ill-fitting condoms, transform your lovemaking with this versatile and irresistible option from Pasante.


Pasante King Size Condoms

One that every man should have in his back pocket - Pasante King Size offer plenty of room, without compromising on a sleeker, more comfortable fit. Turn your sex life around with this must-have choice that will open your mind to a new horizon of sexual possibilities...

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Post By Ed Mason