Exercise isn't all about toning and sculpting your body - your workouts can also spice up your sex life. So if you want to give your stamina a boost or become a pro at your favourite position, SHD Medical will make you a lovemaking expert in no time at all...

Build Your Endurance

Exercise to try: Kegels

The ultimate exercise in improving personal endurance and sexual enjoyment. Kegels work your pubococcygeus and perineal muscles, which are used when you orgasm and strengthening them can increase pleasure and even help those suffering from premature ejaculation.

To locate these muscles start by interrupting the flow of urine when you pee - the contraction you're applying is called a kegel. To work this into a routine, start by squeezing these muscles for around three seconds and rest for the same amount of time.

To begin with, try to do as many as you can, aiming for around 10 reps and then work your way up. Improving your pelvic floor muscles will not only make your orgasms even hotter, they'll also help treat an overactive bladder and even erectile dysfunction.

Become A Master At Missionary 

Exercise to try: Planking

Missionary may sometimes get a bad rap, but if you want to master this position, try planking. Missionary requires a lot of upper body strength, but improving your core with planking will take some of the strain off your arms and shoulders.

Position your body in a starting position for a push-up, your arms bent at the elbow with your forearms resting on the floor, holding the pose for as long as possible. Your stomach will start to burn in well under a minute when you're starting out so continue to push yourself throughout the week, holding the plank for an additional 5 or 10 seconds each time.

Cowgirl Expert

Exercise to try: Squats

Squats are the best way to target your lower body - benefiting both both you and your partner in the cowgirl position. Simply grip two dumbbells with your hands facing down by your sides, bending your hips and knees in a singular movement, getting as low as you can. Not only will you increase blood flow in your legs and glutes, you'll also increase the power of your thrusts in the bedroom. For any lower body exercises remember to do high reps of around 10-25.

Get Flexible 

Exercise to try: Hip Flexor Stretches

No matter what you're into, having a little extra flexibility will always heat things up. This is where hip flexor exercises come into play - from butterfly stretches to pigeon poses and lunges - get to grips with these exercises for an even steamier sex life. If you're looking to try out more elaborate positions and improving generic ones, having strong, loose and active hip flexors will improve fluidity and thrusting motions while you're seated and help stabilise your posture.

Post By Ed Mason