Tattoo gloves should be worn by all Tattoo Artists and are an extremely important and an integral piece of equipment. A decent pair of gloves prevents infections from passing through the client’s skin whilst in the process of tattooing and also keeps the artist’s hands clean and free from any ink.

In this review we will look at the top 5 gloves which have been chosen for the following properties - material, durability, comfort, chemical free and colour:

Unigloves Select Black Latex Gloves

Because dexterity is important, these gloves were created specially for Tattoo Artists. As well as being comfortable to wear whilst working, these gloves will protect against blood borne pathogens and also provide good hygiene for added protection.

Unigloves Pink Pearl Nitrile Gloves

These Pink Pearl Nitrile gloves from Uniglove have a full palm and finger texture offering an enhanced tactile experience and grip whilst working. They also have puncture resistant properties which are superior to vinyl and latex alternatives.

Gloveman Black Nitrile Gloves

A superb choice for Tattoo Artists, we love these black powder free nitrile gloves from Gloveman. As well as being latex free, they are easy to pull on and off and made from a soft and durable material.
Tested to AQL 1.5 standard they provide great protection against damage and prevent cross contamination whilst working.

Bodyguards Blue Nitrile Powder Free Textured Fingertips Gloves

These rolled cuff gloves from Bodyguards are latex and powder free for sensitive skin but also incredibly durable.

Despite their robustness, these gloves rubber is still soft and pliable and protect the hands from tears or punctures making these extremely safe for Tattooists to use with their clients. They also have an AQL performance rating of 4.0 which is high on safety and gives peace of mind.

As you can see, it is important for Tattooists to have a great set of gloves on hand. These provide the wearer with peace of mind with protection, comfort and durability of paramount importance. Gloves also provide the clients with protection from possible infection through the skin and help to protect the Tattooist from ink which all helps towards the smooth running of a tattoo parlour or piercing shop.

Post By Lauren