A little different to cleaning a standard office space, healthcare settings such as clinics, doctor’s offices and hospitals must be kept clean and hygienic in order to prevent the spread of germs and bacteria and keep everyone safe.  Here are our top tips for keeping everything hygienically clean.

Use Correct PPE 

Just like medical staff, those carrying out the cleaning tasks must wear appropriate PPE.  This should include gloves, gowns and masks which will protect them from exposure to infectious diseases and cleaning products.  

Use The Right Cleaning Products

It is important to use the right cleaning products.  They should be safe and effective in killing bacteria and viruses. Killing infectious agents is crucial when it comes to cleaning solutions.  You should be aware however, that harsh chemicals can damage medical equipment and surfaces.  Always ensure you are using the correct cleaning products.

Follow Correct Procedures

Most medical settings will have a proper cleaning schedule and procedure in place.  This should be adhered to on a regular and daily basis to ensure that all equipment and surfaces are cleaned appropriately.  A correct routine must be followed using the correct concentration of products and ensuring surfaces are allowed to dry before use.    

High Touch Surfaces Need Extra Attention

It seems obvious but sometimes it is easy to forget about the simple things.  High touch surfaces such as door handles, light switches and countertops will require more frequent cleaning and disinfecting.  These areas are prone to bacteria and viruses and can very easily be spread to staff and other patients.  

Be Mindful Of Cross-Contamination

Cross-contamination can happen without a lot of thought.  Using the same cleaning tools or cloths to clean one surface and then another can lead to bacteria and viruses being spread from one to the next.  It is essential that a clean or new tool is used for each surface.  Clothes, sponges and other tools must then be cleaned and disinfected appropriately in between uses.      

Remember Hidden Surfaces

It can be easy to forget those hidden surfaces.  The undersides of tables, chairs and around the back of equipment are often overlooked but it is necessary to clean and disinfect these surfaces too.

Deliver Correct Training

Anyone carrying out cleaning tasks should receive proper training.  They will need to know how to follow and adhere to correct cleaning and disinfection procedures, how to use and wear the correct PPE and equipment and follow the proper procedures for disposing of medical waste.  

Keeping all medical settings clean and disinfected is crucial.  If you are looking for medical supplies, cleansing products, disposable gloves and PPE equipment such as aprons and masks, SHD Medical can help.

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