You will need to respond quickly when an emergency arises and in order to do this it’s really useful to become familiar with your first aid kit, what’s inside and what you may need for different injuries.

Workplaces and public places will need to follow their own health and safety risk assessments to guide them with the contents of their first aid kits, but if it’s for personal use at home or to be kept in your vehicle you can put together a range of essential items in a clean container that can be easily accessed.

Basic Contents To Include

Wound Dressings & Plasters

The most useful type of wound dressing are dressing pads that are attached to a bandage, they are simple to use and perfect in an emergency.  Other types include sterile wound dressings and pads and eye pads.  

Adhesive dressings or plasters can be either fabric or waterproof.  They are really useful for small cuts and grazes and different types are available.  For example, if you work with food, a blue plaster will be required.

Adhesive Wound Dressing

Blue Detectable Plasters Assorted 5 Sizes (100)


There are three different types of bandages that are worth including into your first aid kit:

Roller Bandages - Come rolled making them easy to roll around an injured joint or to secure a dressing over a wound.  They help to maintain pressure and reduce swelling.

Triangular Bandages - Typical made from cloth fabric, their shape makes them easy to use as a sling.  If a triangular bandage is individually wrapped, it is sterile and suitable to be used for large wounds and burns.

Tubular Bandages - These types of bandages can be made from gauze or elasticated fabric and come either pre-rolled or with a special applicator which is required in order to apply them.  The gauze type are usually used to protect dressings on the toes or fingers whereas the elasticated ones are ideal for supporting injured joints such as the knee or elbow. 

Finger Bob Tubular Bandage pre-rolled cotton finger protection cover

Long Elasticated Tubular Bandage

Protective Items

Disposable Gloves - These are a must have item and should be worn whenever you tend to a wound, handle bodily fluids or other waste products.  There are many choices available, including latex free gloves which are often the best choice in case of an allergic reaction.

Infection Protection - Face masks and shields can help prevent any cross infection in the event you need to perform mouth to mouth resuscitation.  

Yala Clear Powder Free Vinyl Gloves

Emergency Resuscitation Face Shields

Additional Contents

The list of contents could be endless, however It’s probably a good idea to include the following in your first aid kit:

  • Cleansing wipes -  essential for cleaning around the wound.
  • Gauze pads - these are quite versatile and can be used to help clean around a wound or can be used as padding. 
  • Adhesive tape - to hold dressings in place or to secure the loose end of a bandage.
  • Scissors - useful for a variety of situations, including cutting clothing to access a wound or to cut bandages or sticky tape.
  • Pins and clips - idea for fastening loose ends of bandages.
  • Aluminium blanket - this will help retain body heat in many emergency situations.

Complete First Aid Kits

Here at SHD Medical we stock a comprehensive range of First Aid Kits and refill sets.  Each one has been professionally and extensively packed with regulation issue supplies.

All kits provided are compliant with a range of industry regulations such as PSV, HSE, BSI and HSA alongside kits for practical activities such as sports, training and travel.  We also stock First Aid Kits for catering, farming, school and university environments so whatever your requirements you can be sure to find it here.

BSI First Aid Kit Travel Kit In Box

HSE Catering 10 Person Premium First Aid Kit in Box + Wall bracket

Elite Touchline Sports First Aid Kit


Post By Kelly Trethewey