ClickZip retractable syringes have been innovatively developed to prevent needlestick injuries. It is estimated that over 16 billion needles are used worldwide each year. The pressures of the COVID 19 pandemic and a lack of training has seen a 50% rise in sharps injuries and needlestick injuries are among the most common injuries in the NHS. ClickZip syringes have been created to help tackle this problem.

What Is A Needlestick Injury?

Needlestick injuries occur when a needle accidentally penetrates the skin of a person it was unintended for.  Such injuries occur when needles are used, dismantled or disposed of.   Healthcare workers are usually the most affected by such injuries but people working in other industries can be affected too including tattoo artists, refuse collectors and cleaners.  This type of injury could also affect carers or children picking up or stepping on dropped needles in public places.  The risk is that any infectious agent could be transmitted via a needlestick injury but the biggest concern is for the blood-borne pathogens such as Hepatitis B, C and HIV.  

The Solution

An innovative design, the Numedico ClickZip safety syringe provides excellent protection for all those who use them.  They feature a retractable needle which can be used just like a standard syringe and needle but it features the added benefit of a safety locking mechanism that clicks securely into place when the needle is fully depressed.  Once the needle is retracted, it is drawn back into the plunger barrel of the syringe.  Once it is fully retracted it tilts to the side and is then contained within the barrel.  Not only does this prevent needlestick injuries but it prevents reuse too.  The barrel plunger can then be snapped off as an additional safety measure.  This provides an extremely high level of protection for health workers, patients and the wider community,  

The Benefits Of ClickZip Syringes

Whilst there have been many advances in medicine and technology, no one can dispute the high number of needlestick injuries.  ClickZip is an innovative solution that eliminates reuse and can prevent needlestick injuries thanks to its tilted needle design and technology that seals it into the syringe barrel.  They offer plenty of features and benefits as follows:

  • The needles have been produced using high-quality Japanese designed stainless steel.
  • The syringes are latex free - ideal for those who suffer with sensitivities or allergies
  • No leakage - helping to prevent contamination
  • No gap, therefore offer a minimal dead space - preventing waste & reducing viral survival
  • Retractable needle technology with a manual retraction for increased user control & safety
  • The needle can be retracted before or after removing the needle from the patient once the injection has been administered
  • The injection technique remains the same as a traditional needle
  • Once retracted, the needle tilts to one side and remains in the barrel
  • The barrel features an integrated needle back stopper
  • The user can hear and feel the click when the locking mechanism has been activated
  • A breakaway plunger prevents reuse
  • Fully compliant with ISO Quality System for manufacturing and meets international standards for medical devices
  • Versatile technology makes ClickZip compatible with various medical devices for drawing and administering medication

ClickZip Retractable Safety syringes really do provide some excellent features and benefits and the design is a true innovation that will clearly help to prevent injuries and keep patients, healthcare workers and the general public safer.  You can browse available ClickZip Safety Syringes here.


Post By Kelly