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If you practice safe sex, then Durex is a brand name that you almost definitely would have heard off.

One of the most popular sexual health brands in the world, Durex is famous for manufacturing condoms and has been for over 80 years. But what gives this particular condom brand the elite recognition of being the number 1 condom brand? At SHD Medical, we thought it was time to dive into the world of Durex and discover what makes this brand a name that people turn to when practising safe sex.

A Brief History

Founded in 1915, LA Jackson established the London Rubber Company, selling imported barber condoms and accessories. By 1929, they registered the brand Durex and started to manufacture latex condoms launching their first moistened condom and becoming the first condom brand to electronically test their products for quality control and added safety. From creating the first anatomically shaped condom to open advertising in many countries, in the 1950s Durex was the first condom brand to adopt a global “quality seal” as standard. From flavoured condoms to ribbed designs, Durex then expanded their range into lubricants, gels and sex toys.

Testing and Manufacturing

The main appeal of Durex as a brand is that it is open and vigilant about its testing to ensure that every condom is of the highest quality and safe to use. All of their condoms are made from the finest quality raw materials, and each is tested electronically with samples from each batch inflated with air to test their strength. Going the extra mile, Durex condoms will typically hold 40 litres of air without bursting, going above and beyond the international standard of just 18 litres.

Responsiveness to sexual trends

Another factor that adds to Durex’s appeal is the fact they they listen to their customers and also respond to current sexual behaviour. From this gathered data they have been able to make changes and manufacture condoms that are safe and comfortable to use, putting the pleasure back into safe sex.

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So is Durex really the number 1 condom brand? Well with so many different condom brands on the market it is hard to tell. This also depends on who you ask in which part of the world, for example in the USA Trojan is seen as the number 1 brand with Durex in a close second. However, with such excellent testing procedures, safety measures and designs that respond to what their customers want, Durex is definitely a brand that we would put right at the top of the list.

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