Workplace hazards are a recognised aspect of the job, yet a carefully thought out safety policy can greatly mitigate these risks. Safeguarding our vision is paramount, necessitating the careful selection and provision of high quality safety eyewear. These not only provide protection but also enhance wearer compliance when exceptional comfort and a perfect fit is provided.  Quality PPE can significantly reduce the risk of personal injury.

The frequency of incidents directly impacting the eyes and eyesight remains alarmingly high, despite the availability of high-quality safety eyewear.  Evidence suggests that this is primarily due to the use of inappropriate safety eyewear or, in some cases, failure to wear any eyewear at all. Both of which are completely preventable.

Workplace-related eye injuries can result from various factors, including exposure to airborne particles, chemical splashes, direct impacts from various materials and environmental factors such as ultraviolet light and glare. The diverse range of tasks performed in different workplace settings creates numerous potential risks, which ideally should be minimised through engineering solutions. However, where elimination is not feasible, job-specific risk assessments should determine the appropriate type of safety eyewear to be worn.

Eye Protection Types

The main choices here are spectacles or goggles and your choice will depend on the level of protection each will provide.  

Safety glasses certified to the core EN166 standard will provide protection against low energy impact, up to 45 metres per second.  Whereas, safety goggles certified to the same standard will provide medium energy impact protection up to 120 metres per second.  For this reason, safety goggles should be the mandatory choice for anyone using power tools such as grinders and nail guns, spectacles are not recommended for such applications. 

Safety goggles are also the recommended eye protection when it comes to chemical handling, or molten and metal splash and exposure to gases and airborne particles which could be detrimental to the eyes.

How To Choose The Right Safety Eyewear

Employers have a duty of care to provide their staff with appropriate PPE including eye protection and there are several things to take into consideration.  

  • One Size Does Not Fit All - everyones head and face shapes are different, therefore a range of eyewear will need to be made available so employees can choose.  This will ensure a correct fit for the wearer and ensures that they will more likely keep the eye protection on throughout the working day.  
  • Wearability - Eye protection must deliver a low-pressure, lightweight fit with weight distributed evenly to provide the most comfort.  Look for injection-moulded hard and soft components around the nose, brow and side arms as this will maximise comfort and ensures that the safety eyewear stays in place.  Adaptable features such as lens inclination and extendable arms will provide the ultimate close fit, enabling workers to continue comfortably, confidently and without distraction. 
  • Optical Clarity - Optical quality and clarity will reduce eye strain, fatigue and headaches and enables the wearer to see with near natural vision.  Poor optical quality, including tiny distortions, will result in eye fatigue.
  • UV Protection - While the impact of UV light on the skin is widely acknowledged, its cumulative effects on our eyes often go unnoticed. The eye is the most vulnerable organ to sunlight-induced damage, yet only a mere 7% of the population links UV radiation to eye diseases.  The name Uvex is derived from ‘ultraviolet exclusion’, which highlights their acknowledgement of the harmful effects of UV exposure and the Uvex technology designed to protect against it.  
  • Lens Colour - The light conditions and working environment will influence the lens shade you require.  Things to consider include working indoors under harsh bright lighting, moving frequently between indoors and outdoors and whether you are working in direct sunlight or in shaded areas.  


Fogging is a common issue with safety eyewear. The snug fit of safety glasses or goggles, essential for keeping out debris, often leads to moisture buildup and fogging, particularly during physical tasks. Choosing the right coating depends on the environment and activity. Some coatings provide anti-fogging on the inside and a scratch-resistant hard coat outside, while others offer dual-sided protection, ideal for high-humidity settings.

However, not all anti-fog coatings are equal. Manufacturers conduct optional tests, with coatings required to resist fogging for at least 8 seconds initially. Yet, many coatings falter in long-term performance. Traditional soap-based hydrophobic coatings wash off after a few cleans, rendering the eyewear ineffective. This decline prompts users to compensate, leading to decreased compliance. Thus, it's crucial to opt for manufacturers offering permanent hydrophilic coatings bonded to the lens, ensuring durability throughout the eyewear's lifespan.

UVEX Safety Eyewear

Uvex provides customers with modern eye protection that combines safety, functionality, quality and design, to meet the changing needs of different working trades and industries.  As one of the most sensitive parts of our bodies, the eyes must be protected.  

Uvex safety eyewear doesn't just protect your eyes from hazards but offers a high level of wearer comfort and additional features too. Depending on the model, Uvex safety glasses are equipped with the following features to ensure optimum safety at work:

  • anti-fog coating on the inside or on both sides
  • indirect or completely closed air vents
  • scratch-resistant and chemical-resistant coating on the outside or on both sides
  • contrast enhancement
  • UV400 protection
  • resistance to sparks
  • excellent ergonomics and wearer comfort as they can be adapted to the facial shape
  • folding elements for additional visual or facial protection

Bolle Safety Glasses

We also stock a range of Bolle safety glasses here at SHD, giving our customers an excellent choice when it comes to eye safety.  Bolle Safety are a specialist in eye protection and are continually improving their technology and designs to provide great user comfort whilst providing optimum protection to allow workers to carry on with their tasks without distraction.  Bolle Safety glasses features include:

  • Ergonomic fit
  • PLATINUM Technology - an anti-fog and anti-scratch treatment on the lenses
  • CSP lenses provide exceptional vision and optimal comfort
  • Pivotable and adjustable branches
  • Some frames have a unique adjustable nose 

When wearability is built into safety eyewear designs, employees are more likely to wear them and keep them on.  When safety spectacles and goggles are made to provide high performance, are comfortable and fit well, they will keep dust, debris and chemicals out whilst remaining stylish.  Shop our entire range of Uvex & Bolle safety glasses here.


Post By Kelly