Here at SHD Medical we stock a vast range of disposable gloves which are most likely for use in the clinical and medical industries. However, they are extremely functional and would be considered a fantastic option for mechanical use also.

Mechanics carry out some pretty messy jobs and combine that with the constant hands on work it is important for them to protect their hands against wear and tear, chemicals, oil and grease, as well as high temperatures.

Engine grease is an extremely stubborn substance to clean from skin, so disposable gloves are a simple and practical option for mechanics. Everyone has their own preference and to help you choose the right ones we can provide you with some information about the best gloves for mechanics to use and some recommendations for products available on our site.

Latex Gloves

Latex is a very common choice for mechanics, they are really stretchy and are especially suited for those non heavy duty tasks. They can provide a safe barrier against oil, grease and other harmful chemicals. There are powdered and non powdered versions available. Lots of mechanics opt for powdered gloves because the powders absorb moisture and keeps the hands dry and warm, which in turn helps to prevent slippage whilst using tools.

Our Recommendations

Gloveman Latex Powder Free Gloves are a premium latex glove. They have a polymer coating and offer greater touch sensitivity than standard latex gloves. These Gloveman gloves are designed for a range of applications where protection is needed, the powder-free design eliminates powder related contamination and they offer supreme resistance to chemical solutions such as those used in a mechanics workshop.

Aurelia Vintage Lightly Powdered Latex 4.0 Gloves are made from 100% natural rubber. These gloves are hard wearing and designed to be robust and offer a smooth finish. They are lightly powdered offering a dry, non slip fit and provide perfect protection for under the bonnet inspections.

Nitrile Gloves

Nitrile are now the most popular choice of gloves for mechanics. They are the most durable type of disposable glove and are renowned for their high resistance to oil, fuel and chemicals because they are produced using a combination of butadiene and acrylonitrile. Nitrile is a synthetic rubber and therefore perfect for use if the wearer has a latex allergy and is also 3 times more puncture resistant than latex.

Our Recommendations

Nutouch Black Nitrile Gloves are produced to an excellent standard and are the most popular choice of disposable gloves for mechanics. They are soft and comfortable to wear and extremely flexible which helps to reduce hand fatigue when used for longer periods of time. These Nutouch gloves are latex and powder free to reduce the risk of contact dermatitis and allergic reactions. They also feature textured fingers for a non slip grip for carrying out intricate work, are easy to put on and are ambidextrous.

Aurelia Ignite 7.0 mil Heavy Duty Textured Orange Nitrile Gloves are perfectly suited to automotive and other manufacturing applications. They are 7mm thick and produced to withstand tough use. They incorporate 'Max-Grip' texture technology, feature enhanced tactile sensitivity, a beaded cuff and maintain maximum dexterity. Perfect for those tough hands on jobs!

Aurelia Bold Black Nitrile Gloves are made from a special nitrile compound making them the perfect solution to latex allergy suffers. These examination gloves are ambidextrous, non-sterile and suitable for a range of applications within a variety of industries including food, automotive and medical industries.

Disposable gloves for mechanics ensure a safer working environment. Anyone working in a mechanic workshop or garage should wear disposable gloves when handling vehicular parts to protect them from harmful chemicals, toxins and possible sharp objects. We hope you have found some useful information here and can make an informed decision about which products to use.


Post By Kelly Trethewey