If you need to take a range of different medications on a daily or regular basis, keeping them organised and staying on track can be tricky.  You may find it a little overwhelming trying to remember which ones to take at what time and how often.  Managing your medication properly is key to prevent missing a dose or accidentally taking too much.  Here are our top tips for successfully staying on top of your medication.  

Keep A Detailed List

Produce a list of all of the medications that you need to take.  Include the name, the required dosage, frequency and any potential side effects.  It’s a good idea to do this on a computer or mobile device as it can then be easily edited if your medication changes.  You should have a printed copy that can be presented at any of your medical appointments or to your local pharmacist when visiting.   

Create A Medication Planner

Creating a planner or a scheduling chart for your medication is a great way to keep on track.  A spreadsheet will be particularly useful here.  You can create columns for the names of your medication and include information such as what they are for, what they look like (blue pill), the times they need to be taken, the dosage and if they need to be taken with food or an empty stomach.  Again, this can be given to your GP and pharmacist and keeping a copy of this with you at all times will be useful in an emergency.

Check The Prescription Labels

Always check the prescription labels and do this regularly.  You will need to check for expiration dates and refill information.  When you start to run low and a type of medication, remember to speak to your pharmacist before you run out to ensure you do not miss any doses.  If you do not have a repeat prescription or your repeats have run out, call your GP surgery as soon as possible to allow time for the pharmacist to dispense it.  

Use A Pill Organiser

A pill organiser can be very helpful for those taking multiple medications at multiple times of the day.  Here at SHD Medical offer a choice of pill organisers, available with multiple compartments for the days of the week and times of the day.  This will help you to take the right medication on the right day at the right time.   If this seems a little confusing, then ask a family member or carer to help you to fill your pill organiser.  Then all you need to do is open the right box at the appropriate time.    

Download a Medication Reminder App

Modern technology means we have access to a variety of useful tools.  Why not download a medication reminder app on your phone to help you manage your medication.  Some apps let you find information about the medication, set up a schedule and get alerts and reminders about when to take your medication.  Some apps will make a sound like an alarm clock, whilst others may have a voice message.

With a little organisation, taking multiple medications can be straightforward.  It will also help to prevent any errors and overdosing. Pill organisers, apps, lists and spreadsheets will all contribute to keeping you organised and ensure you take your medication correctly.  




Post By Kelly